Saturday, May 14, 2011

UPS Crushed My Apogee

I can't wait to get back home. There's NO place like home. Home home home.

I've been dying to create new music, and putting it off because my Apogee Ensemble has been in the shop for 2 months after being crushed by UPS in transit to a repair shop. (If your not a musician/gear nut/engineer/techie, my Apogee is the "heart of my recording studio"--my digital to analog converter that I bought just prior to recording "Born To Love You".) My Ensemble is currently in California waiting to be shipped on Monday to Indiana, where it will then be shipped to my house. If this seems a bit convoluted, well, it is. Because it was damaged on the way to a warranty repair in Indiana in March, it had to be shipped to the manufacturer in California where they had trouble repairing it. And because I didn't pack the Ensemble correctly in the original packaging, I am at least partially responsible for the shipping damage even though I insured it for the full amount through UPS (?) I already argued with the insurance adjusters and got nowhere. I've decided that I'll handle by dissatisfaction by never shipping with UPS again since, hopefully, the damages will be "only" $120.00 in cosmetic repairs. I'll find out next week.

I've been writing down zillions of titles for a new instrumental album but only one is coming up in itunes as completely unique. It just keeps getting tougher to find a fresh title unless, of course, it makes no sense: "Love At The Bottom Of The Ocean",
"Angels, Babies and Puppies", or "Peace, Love, and All That Stuff". Got any suggestions?

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