Friday, June 11, 2010

"Forget Everything And Rock"

I'm in the final stages of mixing and mastering my first album with a real record label, and I ache with missing the sessions today to drive to an art show (my day job). I hear that the mixes are great, but I am so confused as I have friends and family at my homes in Nashville and Portland in so much pain while I'm in a nice Marriott. I can't enjoy this trip when my family is in trouble, but what am I to do? I gave notice at my rental home in Nashville and I'm letting go of everything I know to face the future.

At the root of change is fear. So I have to be strong and face fear which has been over-quoted as being "False Evidence Appearing Real". I also like the acronym "FEAR" as meaning "Fuck Everything And Run". May I add my own addition:

"Forget Everything And Rock". That's what I've got to do!

I think I own this one.... Copyright 6/11/10

Kayte "Strong"