Friday, January 22, 2010

Why I Like Waffle House

A few weeks ago I stopped in at a Waffle House to get a quick bite. While sitting at the counter eating my brunch I took up a conversation with a waiter who was busily washing dishes directly in front of me, in the sink on the other side of the counter. The young man accidentally lost control of the water spray nozzle and sprayed me in the face while I was forking a mouthful of eggs into my mouth.

I later tipped him extra for that.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Labor Of Love

It's been brutal at the festivals this year; cold, wet, and empty. I can't blame people for holing up in the record cold temps. I'm hunkered down in my project studio while my producer is in Texas buying a house. I've been making my own mixes of the record and starting the slow process of moving across the country (!). I plan to move this summer in phases and to establish homes in either or both Texas and Oregon depending on whether I can find a good work/gig situation or health care option in those states. From there I can continue to tour and work on a follow-up album for Silver Hill, which is relocating to Texas.

This album is EVERYTHING I hoped it would be. I'm taking the first mixes to Bonita Springs this weekend. I'm holding my breath.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sing And Freeze

A fan just posted a video of me performing last weekend in frigid temperatures. I had worn a hat all day to stay warm and frankly I should have kept it on. Don't ya just love "helmet hair"?

It's tricky to sing in freezing weather. I'm not sure most people know how difficult it is to stay in key in temps near 30 degrees, but if you think about trying to play any instrument with stiff and cold muscles then you'll get the picture. You can see on my face how hard I'm trying to control my performance -- which is perfect for the song "Coming Up For Air".

Immediately after the video I put my jacket and hat back on. And I didn't take them off the rest of the weekend. Forget the "Air" -- Coming Up For Heat was more appropriate.