Monday, February 15, 2010

A Nice Crime Story

Nora lay there, her hands and feet tied to the four bedposts as her husband pushed a bullet into one of the six chambers of his Ruger .327 automatic pistol. Jack was standing at the foot of the bed, staring at his estranged wife with bloodshot gunmetal gray eyes, when he lifted the gun and pulled the trigger.

"Brrrrrring, brrrring". The hammer of the gun snapped on an empty chamber, and impossibly the wall telephone in the kitchen began to ring. Sarcastically, Jack waved the gun, "Stay right here", and left the room.

Nora could barely hear Jack on the phone, "Yeah... I can get you another...I'll meet you there..." as she slipped one of her trembling wrists out of the knotted ropes and freed her remaining limbs. Taking a deep breath, listening and sensing his position to still be in the other room, she bolted out of the bedroom, down the hall, out through the front door fleeing from her captor--and a ten year nightmare that had cost her a promising career in computer animation and music. She ran out into the busy street in front of her house, and she hasn't stopped running yet.

Nora is a survivor of an incredible journey that took her literally to the streets for fifteen years, doing the very thing she was destined to do all along: sing. Her story is that of a sadly beautiful woman that cheated death by the hands of a serial murderer three times, that of defying the overwhelming odds against finally signing a recording contract in Nashville in her fifties. To know this woman is to know the depth of a musician's passion and the human drive to succeed no matter how difficult the journey.