Friday, May 13, 2011

A Little Space & Time

So-- I haven't posted in awhile. I get to look back on the mess that was...and it is bliss! After all, the past year has been AMAZING since I took my hands off the wheel and quit driving so hard. How great is that!!! I kept going to festivals and people just walked by my booth and didn't buy CD's so I thought the music was over. Actually, I was paying $1500 dollars a week out of my own pocket to play on the street--by the time I'd come down from Tennessee and stayed in a hotel and payed the show fees and payed for the gas and wear and tear on my vehicle let alone 5 days of labor and driving/singing...well, when I stopped touring I started making money! What a thought! I am working on a new album right now and until I see an advantage to touring I just might continue to stay home--after all--I do better on the internet than on the road (!) So my challenge to all my fans is: ? Sadly, the expenses of touring and the greediness of the promoters have made it tough to make out-of-state artists to come to your area to perform. We have the internet. Concert venues are the only places I can come to you unless you patronize one of the rare art festivals like Letchworth or Bonita Springs where sales are enough to keep us coming back from other states....unless you'd like to sponsor a concert in your area this summer...just a thought...So tell me where I should book a concert because I've been really lucky over the past 4 years with my concerts--I've never charged that much for them and we've had SO much fun trying out new songs. Pleas email me

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